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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for my marriage license?

You must jointly file your intentions to marry with the Town/City Clerks Office in the State of Massachusetts (not necessarily from your home town or the city or town in which you wish to marry.)

What is the length of time one must wait after the filing date?

There is a mandatory three-day waiting period after your filing date. (A court waiver is the only exception to this law.)

Is it necessary in the state of Massachusetts to obtain a blood test to be married?

No, as of January 2005, a blood test is no longer required.

At what age is it considered legal to be married in the Commonwealth of MA?

A Massachusetts resident may marry if he or she is at least eighteen years of age.

Is a witness necessary to be present during the ceremony?

Massachusetts law does not require that a witness be present at your ceremony.

How long is a marriage license valid for?

Once a marriage license is obtained, it is valid for sixty days from the date filed and may be used in any city or town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

What is the fee to get married in the Commonwealth?

The Standard Ceremony Fee is $100.00 within the town or city that the Justice resides in, or $150.00 in any other place in the state of Massachusetts. If a rehearsal is requested the additional fees are the same as the wedding ceremony fee.